Top 5 Tracks – Cruk

Cruk may not be a name that resonates with many right now, but rest assured this young producer from the North of England is about to blow up the spot, starting with the dancefloor spinning “Bad Faith EP” for Dispatch Recordings.

You’ve no doubt heard some of Cruk’s productions as he receives regular plays on the Noisia podcasts and can count some pretty big names in his fan list. With all of this going on, we thought we’d reach out and ask him what his Top 5 Tracks are. Check them out below and get ready to change your underwear – things are about to get messy!

Teebee – Unknown Approach

This track for me sums up fairly well the kind of hard, brooding, breaks-driven energy that played a big roll in my inspiration leading up to the completion of this EP.  For me it encompasses a lot of that old-school sound with the chopping of breaks, but also with that solid production value that producers like Teebee were bringing to the game at that time.

Angelzero – Double Edge

As another Subtitles release, this track really played the same role as the Teebee tune in terms of influence, but I think just hits way harder.  At 180 BPM it’s a lot faster and to me the drums just slam like mad.  Topped off with that drum pattern makes it an absolute killer.

Mako – Eyes Bloodshot Red

A much more up to date tune here, but one that for me still captures that classic rolling breaks sound whilst being techy and seriously hard hitting.  I like the way Mako uses long 8-bar phrases with differing drum patterns which makes for an interesting listen.

Ibunshi – Darkfall

I’ve been a fan of Ibunshi’s for a long time, probably since I stumbled across his tracks on Dogs On Acid years ago.  Again it is a sound directed by the chopping and changing of different drum breaks, this time however with a much darker and more percussive twist.  His tracks seem to emulate that kung-fu like sound of Photek whilst maintaining a harder and darker feel.

Break & DLR – New Design

A slightly different track here which was definitely more an influence specifically for my track ‘The Moment’.  I’ve always loved both of these guys’ productions, and any tune they come out with together is always special.  This particular track isn’t anything too fancy and although is stylistically quite different from the other tracks in my list, provided a different perspective in the tune writing process resulting in a more straight down the middle roller that complemented the EP well.


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