Tune Of The Day

Served daily. Sound is power.

Vinyl Theatre – Shine On

Everyone loves a bit of Pop music from time to time, whether it’s a guilty pleasure or a genuine infatuation. I fall firmly on…

Levelz- Jazz Face

A jazz-infused futuristic beat complimented perfectly by smooth vocals courtesy of Fox & Sparkz. Big tune from the awesome Levelz Mixtape.

Oshan – Dafty Feat. Krue

Oshan is reigniting my faith in so-called “Future Bass” music. With a helping hand from Krue on the vocals, this is a wonderfully hypnotic…

Kachina- Heisenberg

womping B-lines from Kachina. Lots of new material spanning a few different genres in the pipeline from this talented producer. Love the Breaking Bad…

Adamski & Seal – Killer

Can’t believe this hasn’t been made TOTD before. Biggup Double C and Napoleon and all the Transition Festival crew. Banger!

Trex- Easton

Bouncing B-lines from Trex. This is forthcoming on Mac 2 Recordings. One for a Friday night…