Frequently asked questions

How can I advertise in Tune of the Day?
Email James Rompani on or Click Here.

How can I put on a Tune of the Day night at my club as part of the Tune of the Day tour?
Contact James Rompani on

How do I get my tune reviewed?
Your tune needs to be signed to a label and have a release date. You then need to get a copy of it plus all its details including its release date to which ever genre editor is right for your tune… You can use the contact form:

How do I get a competition online?

Comps online need to run exclusively for users and cannot be part of a bigger comp across a range of websites or mags. Prizes need to create a buzz so signed CDs, merchandise or guestlist places are not enough to get a comp. Comps must be up for over a week. If you fit this bill contact

How do I get work experience?
Due to the high demand we offer monthly, work experience to journalism students only. You must have a proven interest in the magazine and dance music/clubbing. If all the above applies to you email confirming the above.

Thanks very much for taking the time to read through this, and we hope we’ve answered all your questions. Feel free to contact us if you have any further enquiries.

Do I have to register?

No. We use a Facebook plugin for our comments system, so if you’re logged in there you can post comments here!

Do you offer RSS feeds
Yes. The homepage news stories are available as a feed.

Are there any posting guidelines?
Only a few – we trust you…

• Keep things clean and friendly.
• Remember: any comment you make can easily be taken the wrong way. If in doubt, leave it out.
• If you do offend someone, apologise.
• Use plain English: this isn’t the place to impress with the size of your thesaurus.
• Generally, short posts are better than long posts. On the web, brevity rules.
• PLEASE DON’T SHOUT!!!!!!!!!!! That cap lock key wasn’t invented to help you get your message across. Messages written in all caps are annoying, hard to read, and loud.
• We’d prefer it if you didn’t link directly to copyrighted music files hosted by other websites.
• Do not feed the trolls.

Hold on a sec, you haven’t answered my question!
You can reach us via the contact page if you have another query or have a bug to report.

Thanks you