About Tune Of The Day

Served daily. Sound is power.

Here at Tune Of The Day we love music.

TOTD is a site dedicated to delivering music to the masses.

And we have no bias. There are millions of genres, sub-genres and genre mixes. We love them all.

Our aim is to bring a specially chosen piece of music to you everyday. Everyday we will add a tune for your pleasure, this could be a new favourite of ours or a classic, and which will be added to our library of previous TOTDs. There will be a short introduction and description as well as a note from the contributor. You will be able to listen to the tune as many times as you like, comment on the tune and send the tune to a friend. You can also sign up to our newsletter and blog sent out once a week including track lists, forthcoming contributors and the latest gig news. You may also want to add us as friends on all social networking sites. Here at TOTD we guarantee you will be entertained!

“Music is a mission not a competition”