Die & Interface Feat William Cartwright ‘Bright Lights’ Remixes

There are a load of versions of this tune out at the moment. The original, The Rockers, Netsky’s remix  and then there are these two.    The first is the The Lenzman remix and it is liquid gold. Love the vibes on this track and think it works perfectly in the car, the bedroom and on the dancefloor. The second is Joker’s remix and it is BIG! Bringing some Timbaland style hip hop/ Dubstep crossover production. Worth listening to the whole way through because it’s not untill about half way in this tune really gets going but when it does it’s a monster.  Buy both these records on sight.



Tenth Letter

Having attended his first Glastonbury at barely 12 weeks old music is in Jake's blood. DJ and drummer, playing dnb and dubstep under various aliases jake now operates as Tenth letter. Having played alongside the likes of Chef, cluekid and kutz he now plays regularly on flex fm dnb Fridays with DJ Fidget.