Cottam – B Side EP 2

A timeless classic by Cottam which cleverly samples “Lagos Sisi by Bola Johnson”.

This track is still worth £500 on vinyl, if ever found. I think it’s definitely time for a repress!!!

Cessle Innit

Cessle Innit - The co-founder of the TrustNobody podcast series, often claims he knows nothing about music and refers to himself as "Just an opinionated old man who people choose to listen to". With a good ear for music and clear eye for fresh talent, over the last 9 years, Cessle has engineered himself a career in the House & Techno industry from promoting for the legendary party Retox at Sosho's to lending his skills to artist management and label management, working with acts such as Apollo 84, Eskuche & Nu Sky, Harry Ley & Piem.