Bok Bok featuring Kelela – Melba’s Call

This, quite simply, is an absolute syncopated, future-retro masterpiece.

If you left a Macbook Pro locked away in a studio for one hundred years with only a bunch of classic 80s Prince & Jam & Lewis CDs for company, it would eventually develop its own consciousness and inevitably, as the decades passed, its very own specific take on synthetic melancholia. When your great grandkids eventually opened up the hermetically sealed, stainless steel vault door, “Melba’s Call” would be the song that it had created.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait that long because Bok Bok, genius that he is, has clearly invented a time machine, nipped into that future to steal this perfect slice of digital ennui and brought it back for us mere mortals to enjoy. There really is no other rational explanation…

Julien K Boogie

As one half of The Loose Cannons Julien has traveled the world filling dancefloors from Sydney to San Francisco, as well as remixing the likes of Rihanna, Lady Gaga & Alicia Keys. He can currently be found curating & DJing at the highly successful Morning Gloryville pre-work parties across the UK.