19Hundred – ‘Oh Boy’

The infectious, bass-lead track, ‘Oh Boy’, sees duo 19Hundred (styled XIX online) introduce the soulful vocals of DAZE (Daisy Finetto). This is the first release in the solo endeavour for the Italian born 24 year old who gained notoriety as the lead singer of Mausi.

The anonymous London based duo are reluctant to give away anything which alludes to their identities:

“The music industry is fucked up. Everything is disposable. We want to bring back the wonder and mystery to music…”

‘Oh Boy’ will be released on 30.10.15 via Soundplate Records

Matt Benn

The owner and founder of Soundplate Records & Soundplate.com. Matt Benn is a self confessed workaholic and Red Bull addict; at just 25, he has already established himself a recognised taste-maker in the electronic music scene and a successful entrepreneur.