Plan B – Love Goes Down (Doctor P Remix)

Two artists very much of the love them or hate them category here. Personally i feel they both have their moments. Big, Big, Big  but slightly crazy tune here from Doctor P. But its New years Eve today so thought i should end the year with a bang. This one goes out to everyone who is out raving tonight whether there dancing, to Techno, trance, Dubstep, Drum and Basss, Hard Dance, Jungle, Dub, Reggae, Electro, House, Hardcore, Breaks, or anything in between. Whatever you like Have a wicked night and we at Tune Of The Day will see you all next year. HAPPY F*CKING NEW YEAR!


Tenth Letter

Having attended his first Glastonbury at barely 12 weeks old music is in Jake's blood. DJ and drummer, playing dnb and dubstep under various aliases jake now operates as Tenth letter. Having played alongside the likes of Chef, cluekid and kutz he now plays regularly on flex fm dnb Fridays with DJ Fidget.